tGP Rocks Flounders in Englewood



The Guilty Pleasures had the Privilege to play Flounders in Englewood. This was our first visit to play on the outside Tiki deck. Being off-season and the first week of school, the crowd was small. However those that were there enjoyed Tom and Steve running around with their wireless instruments getting the crowd dancing!


The Guilty Pleasures have a new fan! While playing a small baby sea turtle swam up the canal to the stage and listened! Members of the Flounders staff safely netted the baby turtle and returned it to the Gulf. But while the turtle was in the canal it came all the way up to where the band was playing.  According to Cosmo the turtle was a rocker because it seemed to like the faster songs.


tGP will be back at Flounders in October and December. Check our calendar for all our upcoming shows.