The Band

The Guilty Pleasures have evolved over the last two years into an entertaining club act for audiences of all ages.  This is due to the talent that composes the band.


Meet the Band Members


600_434385717Tom MacKnight (Guitar, Vocals) is the founder of the band.  Starting the band two years ago to deliver a band that played the guilty pleasures music, the kind that you sing in the car but don’t hear that often.  Tom, originally from Connecticut, played the club circuit in the North East during his late teens and early twenties.  Then becoming not only a session guitarist but a studio engineer and producer, Tom worked on sessions with many great artists such as Felix Cavaliere, Dan Hartman, Vickie Sue Robinson, and many others.  Tom took a sabbatical from live playing and for the most part playing up until a few years ago when music returned to his life.  When he is not playing music he is a video producer in the SW Florida region.  He’s a gear nut and will soon need a new home to house all his guitars and amps.


Jeff Thal (Drums, Vocals) was born and raised in New York.  Playing since childhood, he studied formally for 8 years, playing his first concert at the age of 10, his first club at age 16, started teaching at age 17 and recorded his first record at age 19.  As the Jeff-Beach-Cluboriginal drummer of  New York-based Bumblefoot, he has toured with and recorded 3 albums  with the group.  He currently plays full-time and lives in Sarasota, Florida.   Don’t think that he is going to sit behind the drums all night either.  Expect the unexpected especially when Jeff comes out to sing a song or two!


Mike Snyder (Bass, Sexy Dance)  has been playing bass since 1968! Mike lays down a solid groove keeping the band in the pocket! Mike has toured all over the United States, Canada and Japan with various acts. Mike even recorded an album under the Warner Bros. label. Mike is the administrator and custodian fMike Snyderor Ted Snyder Publishing, a 100-year-old musical publishing company where he licensed music for TV, movies, and for others who wish to record the published music.


27c267fbc90a8303f6ed40971243b5b1Tony Saint Tone (vocals, guitar) started writing and performing music as a teenager and is a living example of how “Persistence Pays Off .”Tony has been able to achieve many of his life’s goals, both personal and musically, mainly due to his outlook on life and practicing the “Glass is 1/2 Full” theory. This outlook is transmuted into each of his songs by sharing encouraging and uplifting lyrics and music. Tony’s lyrics have the subtle ability to remind us all that if we shift our focus, we have the power to change anything we choose to in life . His personal experiences of self discipline, goal setting and a positive drive have guided him to write songs that instill in all of us that we are Self Empowered.”It’s Music with a message of Self Empowerment that I like to call “Positive Pop Rock”.”